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REPAIRING FORD TRITON SPARK PLUGS M14x1.25 blown out problem

Ford Spark Plug Blow out M14x1.25 thread repair.


Background information:
Ford heads have been made for many years with a straight section between the head and the sealing surface. This can be 1.9, 3.8, 4.6, 5.4, 6.8 liter engines and Triton models. The spark plug: starting from the taper seat is approximately 8.5mm has NO threads down to 8.5mm of threads at the bottom of the plug illustrated below. The overall length of approximately 17mm from the taper to the “Last Thread”.

Z-tec insert p/n 51460
included in
5554 kit
Triton insert
p/n 51459
included in 5553 kit
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NOTE: Newer model Fords 2000 and up, can have sparkplug's fully threaded in heads with straight sections. We still want to repair the spark plug hole back to the factory OEM style of the head. This way the head will accept any half threaded or fully threaded spark plug manufactured by autolite or motorcraft.

Triton style p/n App764 - App765
Triton style reach additonal vehicles:

Z-tec style 1" reach plug autolite ATI5344 or SF534D found in the 2000 ford focus LE, and the 2001,2002, 2004 Ford focus SE.
Z-tec style reach additional vehicles:


Solutions for the blown out sparkplug problems: PROS AND CONS

This is considered an "over the fender" repair. Meaning this repair can be done without removing the head.
This will repair the head back to its factory OEM style threads. That means creating that straight section between the taper and the sealing surface. We can only do that by using our p/n 5553 kit. This repair will accept all manufactured plugs by Motorcraft or Autolite.

PROS: The insert duplicates the threads in the factory head, which means that any spark plug specified for this head type would fit.
This kit also has a special counterbore tool to cut an extra 3/8 of aluminum step found in romeo 2001 and up 1L2E style heads.
This is our recommended repair because of the insert design and length of tooling.

CONS: This kit will remove a bit more material and is more expensive.

INSERT 44186

This is also considered an "over the fender repair".
Repair the hole by putting a “Fully Threaded” thin walled taper seat insert in the head with kit p/n 4412E with insert p/n 44186. Sealer p/n 6020 is also required. This M14x1.25 Extended tooling will repair 3/4 reach taper seat spark plugs.
Warning: If repairing a Romeo 1L2E 2001 and up head the insert will stick up too high and not be in the correct location due to a step found in these problem heads.


PROS: This repair removes less material.

CONS: Sparkplugs going into the newly repaired TIME-SERT hole must be fully threaded!

If anyone doing a future spark plug change were to use spark plugs with a straight section. The spark plug would bottom out to early on the straight section and would not be in the proper location. This would cause miss firing of the engine, and possible engine damage. There would be no way of knowing one hole may be different. Certain OEM spark plugs would not fit.
Romeo Head problem (click here):
If the head being repaired were a romeo style head 1L2E the seat cutter would also not be in the correct location because of the problem countersink in these romeo style heads. We add a special tool in the Triton repair kit p/n 5553 listed above to prepair the hole so that the insert will be in the correct location.

One solution would be to repair all holes at the same time. This way all the holes will be consistant
using a fully threaded spark plug. The head should not be a Romeo 2001 1L2E or simular head.


(Engine rebuilders method) Undocumented
The head must be removed and there must be at least 1 or 2 good threads to guide the piloted step tap.
Repair the hole by putting a short thin walled insert in the head from the chamber side.
The installation would go as follows: Using kit number 4412 and insert 44123 this is an 8mm length insert.
NOTE: Do not tap all the way through!
Tap the hole from the chamber side CAREFULLY as to not wipe out the original aluminum taper seat.
You would have to inspect the tapping from the chamber side to insure that you just tap deep enough
to accept the insert approximately 12mm.
Normally you would use the seat cutter next in the instructions but in this case you do not use the seat cutter because the tap will not be deep enough below the surface.
After tapping the hole you will install the insert from the chamber side using the driver tool.

PROS: This is a very fast repair if the head has been removed, and its the least expensive.

CONS: Time wise you have to remove the head first, and the head must have 1 or 2 good threads to guide the piloted step tap to insure the threads are tapped straight so the spark plug will seat correctly.

In conclusion we recommend the first repair p/n 5553 as a solution to blown ford sparkplugs
for "over the fender repairs". spark plug blowout


Ford has a longer version of the "Triton" style head we call the longer plug style insert a "FORD Z-TECH" style. The insert is just a longer version of the "Triton". The Z-Tech is 24mm over all length. P/N 51460.
Yes, the 5553 kit will work to repair the longer length spark plugs all you need is the insert.

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