P/n 4490 M14x1.25 Spark plug kit with assorted length inserts.

M14x1.25 spark plug repair kit p/n 4490 this tool kit includes all the tooling necessary to do the repair and assorted length inserts: Washer style (2) p/n 44125 9.4mm, (2) p/n 44127 11mm, (2) p/n 44113 13.5mm, (2) p/n 44129 15mm, (2) p/n 44111 16.8mm, (2) p/n 44112 23mm. Taper style inserts (2) p/n 44183 10mm, (2) p/n 44185 15.7mm, (2) p/n 44186 16.8mm, (2) p/n 44187 24mm and sealer.
There is also a mini wrench that can be used to help with clearance issues when you need a shorter wrench. Using the mini wrench with the extended tooling makes the tooling the same overall reach as the short version 4412.



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